10 Beautiful Bathroom Designs To Make Your Tiny House More Comfortable

Not just once or twice, the size of space is limited so that the obstacles to the house look beautiful, including for small houses. One room that is often a scourge in interior design is the design of a bathroom that is quite difficult due to space constraints.

You are not pessimistic about the small size of the house, some narrow bathroom designs can still be filled with a bathtub that looks elegant. Be prepared to have a narrow bathroom that looks two times wider than the original size!

Beautiful Bathroom Designs
Beautiful Bathroom Designs

1. Natural Stone Floors

If your bathroom is a little narrow, cover the floor with neutral and rough natural stone. This simple design reduces boredom in your small bathroom.

Ceramic Floor Tiles Design
Ceramic Floor Tiles Design – Source: nikitazhilyakov.com
Giraffe Bathroom Decor Sets
Giraffe Bathroom Decor Sets – Source: michelenails.com

2. Focus on Light

To match the colors in the bathroom the designers choose bright colors. Adding a small light bulb in the bathroom turned out to be a great idea!

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Blub
Bathroom Recessed Lighting Blub – Source: mavalsanca.com
Best Led Bathroom Lights
Best Led Bathroom Lights – Source: getlickd.com

3. Design of Ceramic Walls

Covering the bathroom walls with ceramics makes the design simple but impressive and comfortable.

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles Geometric
Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles Geometric – Source: dyassidesign.info
Ceramic Wall Design Collection
Ceramic Wall Design Collection – Source: m.yandex.com.tr

4. Colorful Bathroom Walls

Decorating a wall with a strong and colorful waterproof coating is something that captivates your mind.

Bathroom Ideas Kid Furniture
Bathroom Ideas Kid Furniture – Source: azira.co
Bathrooms with Creative Color Schemes
Bathrooms with Creative Color Schemes – Source: deringhall.com

5. Mosaic Design

This simple but interesting idea is able to erase monotonous space in your bathroom. By applying a mosaic design on your bathroom wall, it makes the room more luxurious.

Mosaic Wall Tiles Bath
Mosaic Wall Tiles Bath – Source: soifercenter.com
Orange Bathroom Ideas Mosaic
Orange Bathroom Ideas Mosaic – Source: bathroomist.com

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