10 Awesome Home Fence Design Ideas For Your Home

In general, the fence serves to maintain the security of the house, the fence also functions as a barrier between 2 different fields. But did you know that fence design has a role that is as important as home architectural design?

Choosing a fence design must be harmonized with the design of the front of the house because actually the two elements are connected to each other. For example, if you choose the concept of a minimalist home, you should not use too many carvings to design a fence because it has a different design style.

Home Fence Design
Home Fence Design

Next, we have summarized some home fence design ideas that can be your inspiration. Come see until it’s finished!

1. Strong Iron Fence

Iron is a material that is very commonly used as a fence. In order not to easily rust, coat the iron with special paint.

1 Strong Iron Fence
Strong Iron Fence – source: casaindonesia.com

2. Beautiful Wooden Fences

Not all wood can be used for outdoor. Water-resistant wood types, such as ironwood, Merbau wood, and teak wood. Merbau wood is widely chosen as a fence material because the price is more affordable.

2 Beautiful Wooden Fences
Beautiful Wooden Fences – source: casaindonesia.com

3. Fence with Laser Cut

Laser cutting is a technique for cutting iron, glass, wood and more. By using computerization, cut motifs can be arranged according to taste.

3 Fence with Laser Cut
Fence with Laser Cut – source: instagram.com/atelier_riri

4. Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh is iron in the form of a wire that is woven into sheets or rolls. Very widely used for outdoor fences or partitions. Wire mesh partitions are also often used in industrial interior design.

4 Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence – source: instagram.com/wiyoganurdiansyah

5. Sturdy Corten Steel

Corten steel is corrosion resistant. Launched from PT Niki Four, corten steel is a steel with a rusty texture that looks like it has been exposed to weather for years. The rust effect on corten steel is intended to reduce painting needs.

5 Sturdy Corten Steel
Sturdy Corten Steel – source: casaindonesia.com

6. Iron Fence Combined with Glass

Like window frames, a minimalist turnstile design can be made with similar models. Use the tempered glass with a thickness of 1 cm to be stable and safe. The thicker, the safer and the heavier the price increases.

6 Iron Fence Combined with Glass
Iron Fence Combined with Glass – source: archdaily.com

7. Elegant Iron and Wood Fences

To provide a visual game, combine iron and wood material together.

7 Elegant Iron and Wood Fences
Elegant Iron and Wood Fences – source: casaindonesia.com

8. Fence with Horizontal Lines

So that the fence does not look too close, apply the laying of iron with various pauses. The distance between the upper and lower iron, you should not be more than 20 cm so that people cannot pass. While the right and left iron distance can reach 80 cm.

8 Fence with Horizontal Lines
Fence with Horizontal Lines – source: casaindonesia.com

9. Minimalist Swing Gate

If you choose the type of swing gate, make sure your fence material is not too heavy to be easily opened and closed.

9 Minimalist Swing Gate
Minimalist Swing Gate – source: archdaily.com

10. The Black Gate That Looks, Stout.

Black fences are chosen by many people because they are not easy to look dirty and look sturdy.

10 The Black Gate That Looks, Stout
 The Black Gate That Looks, Stout – source: homedsgn.com

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