10 Awesome DIY Flower Box Centerpieces for Amazing Tables

For fun events, think of bright colors and flamboyant flowers. Ribbons tied in bows are naturally festive, and they add volume to your arrangement. Velvet, grosgrain, satin, and cotton ribbons add different textures. You can even use ribbon to add a print to your centerpiece.

These flowerbox centerpieces can fit any décor. For a formal look, try metallic finishes and elegant flowers. Small flowers like baby’s breath and lilies of the valley and delicate ferns work well as fillers for formal arrangements. To create a contemporary centerpiece, try neutral flowerboxes in gray, greige, or black with white flowers. To add interest, texture, and a rustic look, don’t forget sprigs of leaves, bare branches, twigs from berry bushes, autumn leaves, grasses, pussy willows, and money plant.

Awesome DIY Flower Box
Awesome DIY Flower Box

If you are creating the centerpiece for a celebration of one of life’s milestones, consider placing an arrangement of silk flowers or live plants in your flowerbox so that you can present it to the celebrant as a commemorative gift. If the occasion honors more than one person, create a grouping of centerpieces. They don’t necessarily have to be identical. Each can be linked by color or type of flower but also contain something that links it to the person it honors.

Start with these seventeen ideas and let them inspire your own DIY flowerbox centerpiece. Create one that perfectly reflects your décor or your occasion.

1. Elegant Wedding Flowerbox Centerpiece

This flowerbox sets an elegant tone but retains country charm. Try a silver flowerbox silver for a twenty-fifth anniversary or gold for the fiftieth anniversary. A black flowerbox with white flowers, a white tablecloth, and black dishes create a tuxedo color scheme. You can fill the flowerbox with Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, shells, candy, noisemakers, or whatever.

Elegant Wedding Flowerbox Centerpiece
Elegant Wedding Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: byerinelizabeth.co

2. Multi Shades of Pink Rustic Flowerbox

This flowerbox planter would be lovely for a spring gathering, a girl’s sixteenth birthday party, a bridal shower, or a baby shower if the baby is a girl. Switch to blue flowers if the baby is a boy. Use vivid flowers for warm weather, sprays of autumn leaves for fall or Thanksgiving, or poinsettias for Christmas.

Multi Shades of Pink Rustic Flowerbox
Multi Shades of Pink Rustic Flowerbox – Source: dwellinginhappiness.com

3. DIY Stenciled Scrap Wood Flowerbox Centerpiece

This versatile flowerbox can be decorated to suit almost any occasion — try snowflakes for winter, small flowers for spring, leaves for fall, a sun medallion for summer, or hearts or roses for Valentine’s Day, an engagement, or a wedding. Seashells would add a contrasting texture to the flowers, leaves, and flowerbox. Twine would create a rustic, coastal look.

DIY Stenciled Scrap Wood Flowerbox Centerpiece
DIY Stenciled Scrap Wood Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: hazelandgolddesigns.com

4. Painted Mason Jar Flowerbox Centerpiece

This flowerbox also can match any décor and fit anywhere in your home. Make more than one and use them to decorate your front porch, deck, or patio. Use fresh cut or silk flowers. Pussy willow branches, irises, or snapdragons would look great. For a neutral color scheme, try money plant or cattails. For fall, use bittersweet.

Painted Mason Jar Flowerbox Centerpiece
Painted Mason Jar Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

5. Decoupage Tissue Box Flowerbox Centerpiece

This flowerbox design uses a cardboard tissue box as the base, but you could use any box, large or small. Large corrugated cardboard boxes could be used as planters that sit on the floor. Two matching planters on either side of a door could create a dramatic entrance to a room. Line the boxes with plastic and place live plants in them.

Decoupage Tissue Box Flowerbox Centerpiece
Decoupage Tissue Box Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: cremedelacraft.com

6. DIY Flower Drawer Flowerbox Centerpiece

This flowerbox with its drawer pull knob could bring flowers into a home office or a kitchen. For a kitchen, you could decorate the sides with recipes or pictures of herbs of fruit. Pasta shells or wheels would add texture and whimsy. Seashells, again, add texture and fit in with coastal décor.

DIY Flower Drawer Flowerbox Centerpiece
DIY Flower Drawer Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: thecraftyblogstalker.com

7. Found Container DIY Flowerbox Centerpiece

Found containers of any size provide a quick way for anyone to create a flowerbox centerpiece, even if you aren’t famous for being handy or crafty. Decorate them with yarn, twine, or ribbons and fill them with silk flowers or floral picks. A flowerbox filled with kitchen gadgets could be a house warming or bridal shower gift.

Found Container DIY Flowerbox Centerpiece
Found Container DIY Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: diy-decorator.com.au

8. DIY Portable Flowerbox Centerpiece

The handles on this flowerbox let you transport it wherever you want with the flowers still inside. You can move it to the dining room table when you want to use it as a centerpiece but have it anywhere else the rest of the time. For a larger planter, you could add wheels to the bottom of the flowerbox.

DIY Portable Flowerbox Centerpiece
DIY Portable Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: myhootdesigns.com

9. DIY Tiered Flowerbox Centerpiece

This tiered flowerbox lets you add interest with a high-low floral arrangement. You could place the highest level at the center or have two higher levels one-third of the way from each end. The high points serve as natural focal points for your arrangement which could be flowers, foliage with patterned leaves, pine cones, faux gems.

DIY Tiered Flowerbox Centerpiece
DIY Tiered Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: restylerelove.com

10. Foliage and Flowers Flowerbox Centerpiece

As this arrangement demonstrates, you can mix foliage with flowers to add texture as well as color to your arrangement. Using foliage as a background lets the flowers you choose pop. Using foliage plants or floral picks with patterned leaves creates a more subtle look that places the emphasis on the pattern rather than color, or substitutes colorful foliage for flowers.

Foliage and Flowers Flowerbox Centerpiece
Foliage and Flowers Flowerbox Centerpiece – Source: allthingswithpurpose.com

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