10 Amazing Reading Area Design Ideas For Those Of You Who Like To Read In Your Home

Besides the library inside the house, the reading area is also important for those of you who like to read. It doesn’t have to be indoors, the reading area itself can be anywhere, even in the corner of the room. Equipped with comfortable seating, and a cool atmosphere, it can make reading activities more enjoyable.

The area under the stairs can certainly be used as a variety of useful spaces. One of them is a comfortable place to read. Especially if the area is directly adjacent to the outer wall of the building, so it can be designed as a window. In addition to the calm atmosphere and not disturbing the activities of residents in the room, this wide enough area can be a place to relax for you.

Reading Area Design Ideas
Reading Area Design Ideas

Here are some reading areas that can be an inspiration in your home.

1. Warm Corner

The comfortably designed chair with footrests is one of the furniture that is very fitting for the reading room. The corner in a room is also equipped with a storage rack for books and various other purposes. In addition to chairs and shelves, its position near the window provides an atmosphere of a bright and warm room so it is comfortable to read. The low reading lights are also chosen so that residents can read at night.

Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner
Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner – Source: ricardocabral.info
Cosy Reading Nooks Ideas
Cozy Reading Nooks Ideas – Source: vicinito.com

2. Open Space Reading Nook

This semi-open one area must be a very pleasant area to sit while reading a book. The wide open window gives a fresh atmosphere into the room. Do not forget also the beautiful view of the garden outside with vines on the walls of the house that attract attention. Reading books feels more refreshed while breathing fresh air.

Small Home Library Design
Small Home Library Design – Source: yandex.com.tr
Open Space Reading Nook
Open Space Reading Nook – Source: pinterest.ru

3. Attic Reading Nook

The attic area can also be a cool place to read books. With a window on a sloping wall that is the roof of a residential house, plus a mattress or a comfortable seat for the backrest. In addition to its bright place, this area is also very calm and can make you read casually to sleep. Not to forget the soft color of the wall adds to the beauty of the reading area.

Dreamy attic conversions be inspired
Dreamy attic conversions are inspired – Source: italianbark.com
Attic Reading Nook
Attic Reading Nook – Source: 100komnat.livejournal.com

4. Floor Cushion

Tired of sitting in a chair? Or have children who love reading again? This one design idea is a good consideration for those of you who want to read and sit on the floor. In the corner of the room with calm colors, add a cushion to sit and also the pillow rests. In this reading area, you can stretch your legs, sit back and relax on the wall. Surely children will also be awake and sit comfortably in a place like this compared to high chairs.

Tufted Floor Cushion Home of Wool
Tufted Floor Cushion Home of Wool – Source: homeofwool.com
Floor Cushion
Floor Cushion – Source: buzzfeed.com

5. Green Balcony

It doesn’t have to be indoors, the reading room on the balcony is also an option for you who like an open atmosphere. The area of ​​a house or apartment with a certain height will be a sensation when reading a book. The gentle air that blows coupled with ornamental plants in the balcony area adds to the freshness of the area. Sitting relaxed while reading and drinking warm tea in the morning can be pleasant every day.

Wooden Floor Apartment Balcony
Wooden Floor Apartment Balcony – Source: staradeal.com
Best Reading Nooks We Have Ever
Best Reading Nooks We Have Ever – Source: home-designing.com

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