10 Amazing DIY Floating Corner Shelf You Have Must See

Parts of the corners of the house often become land that is left just like that because the shape is considered to be not optimal. In fact, with the creativity that you have, you can take advantage of this unused space to have more benefits. By looking at the furniture in accordance with the conditions of the room, it’s time for you to turn the corner of an ordinary-looking space into something special.

The corners of the room that you can use include the corner at the bottom of the window, the hallway, and the area near the window. To make the most of the space corners, here are some decorating tips that you can copy and apply to your home.

DIY Floating Corner Shelf
DIY Floating Corner Shelf

Shelves in the house have a function as a place to put certain items so that the house looks neat and organized. These shelves also have various types and placements. One type of shelf that is often found is a wall shelf. In addition to making the house look more presentable, this wall shelf can also beautify a room. What needs to be considered in order to beautify the room with a wall shelf is to choose the design and shape of the shelf.

Sometimes, the corner of the room is the most complicated area when decorating a room. Although often blocked from view, but the corner of the room remains a part of the house as a whole and often has many uses for the owner of the residence. Look at the corner shelf design below!

Below Are 10 Easy DIY Floating Corner Shelf On A Budget You Should Try

Artistic Corner Wall Shelf
Artistic Corner Wall Shelf – Source: hackatopia.com
Awesome Design Ideas for Corner
Awesome Design Ideas for Corner – Source: diymotive.com
Beautiful Corner Bookshelf Plans
Beautiful Corner Bookshelf Plans – Source: eagles-roost.com
Cheap and Easy DIY Wooden Pallet Corner
Cheap and Easy DIY Wooden Pallet Corner – Source: hroomy.com
Corner shelves to optimize the interior space
Corner shelves to optimize the interior space – Source: decorationworld.net
Creative Wall Mounted Shelf
Creative Wall Mounted Shelf – Source: decorola.com
DIY Wood Corner Shelf Ideas
DIY Wood Corner Shelf Ideas – Source: hroomy.com
Floating Corner Shelves
Floating Corner Shelves – Source: curbly.com
Top Floating Shelves
Top Floating Shelves – Source: justcraftdiy.com
Wood corner shelf floating
Wood corner shelf floating – Source: instituut-marielle.nl

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